Payment Methods

To purchase a tour, click on the ORDER button in the desired program for the selected date.

You can immediately pay for a one-day tour online in any convenient way.

For tours lasting more than one day, after booking, our manager will contact you, confirm and send you a link for online payment.

Choose a convenient payment method and follow the instructions of the system.

  1. Payment by credit card — you can pay for the order with a Visa or Master Card immediately after placing an order through the website.

  2. Payment by Sberbank receipt – for payment, you need to print and pay for the receipt of Sberbank of the Russian Federation, and then send it to us by e-mail a scanned copy of the received payment document.

  3. Non-cash payment (by account) – this type of payment is most suitable for organizations. You make an order, print out the invoice, pay it and call us to clarify the date of receipt of the order.

  4. To Sberbank card 4279 3800 1300 7655