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Day 1.

Arrival in Yerevan. Transfer to the hotel.

2nd half of the day

Free time.

Day 2. (from 10:00 ~ to 16:00)

1st half of the day

Sightseeing tour of Yerevan

The journey through the capital of Armenia, which recently celebrated its 2800th anniversary, will begin with its geographical center - Republic Square. After that, we will visit the station square, where one of the symbols of Yerevan is located - a monument to the hero of the medieval Armenian epic, the hero David Sasunsky.  Then, passing by the Ring Boulevard, we will go up to Victory Park, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the biblical Ararat. Then we are going to walk along with the Yerevan Cascade - an open-air museum, then along the avenue named after the creator of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots, we will see the Yerevan City Hall, the Sports and Concert Complex on Tsitsernakaberd Hill and finish the tour at the Theater Square near the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater after A. Spendiaryan. Here is also Swan Lake and monuments to famous Armenian cultural representatives - composers Aram Khachaturian, Alexander Spendiaryan, Arno Babajanyan, poet and writer Hovhannes Tumanyan.

2nd half of the day | Lunch

Etchmiadzin - Yerevan

In the very heart of Vagharshapat – one of the most significant cultural and religious centers of Armenia, like the Vatican in the center of Rome – the Holy Mother See of Etchmiadzin is located. It is not only the spiritual capital of the Armenians but also the first Christian church in the world! As you know, in 301 Armenia was the first in the world to proclaim Christianity as the state religion, and in the same year, the foundation stone of the future temple was laid during the reign of King Trdat III.

Day 3. (from 10:00 ~ to 17:00)

1st half of the day

Matenadaran Museum Tour (the company reserves the right to postpone the tour)

The word "Matenadaran" means "repository of manuscripts" in Armenian. The beginning of the creation of this collection dates back to the 5th century and is associated with the name of the creator of the father of Armenian writing Mesrop Mashtots. An avenue is named in his honor, at the end of which is the Matenadaran Museum, which is one of the largest repositories of manuscripts in the world and the largest repository of ancient Armenian manuscripts. The funds of this unique museum number more than 17 thousand ancient manuscripts and more than 100 thousand. ancient archival documents in Armenian, Russian, Hebrew, Latin, Arabic, Syriac, Greek, Georgian, Indian, Japanese, Persian, and other languages.

2nd half of the day | Lunch

Garni Fortress - Geghard Monastery - Yerevan

We recommend going across time and space, from paganism to Christianity, from the pagan temple of the Sun God in the first century to the "cave monastery" Geghardavank, whose name originates from Longinus' spear. The Roman centurion pierced the corpse of Jesus Christ on the Cross with this spear, and the Apostle Thaddeus transported its point to Armenia, along with many other relics. This shrine was once kept in the Geghard monastery complex (which means "spear" in Armenian), but currently, it is kept at the Etchmiadzin museum.

Day 4. (from 10:00 ~ to 19:00)

1st half of the day

Yerevan - Khor Virap - Areni Winery

It is no coincidence that the monastery of Khor Virap ("Deep Dungeon") is considered the most sacred place in Armenia – after all, it was in the prison here that Gregory the Illuminator, who later baptized our country, languished for 14 years. It was here that by the power of faith, by the power of his prayer, he was able to resist death, and then gave Armenia a "new life" - this is how the adoption of Christianity as the state religion will be called after 301. Separately, it's worth noting that a beautiful view opens from Khor Virap: this is the closest point from the symbol of Armenia, the biblical Mount Ararat - only 7 km!.

2nd half of the day | Lunch

Noravank Monastery - Yerevan

Red rocks, the picturesque Amagu gorge, and the unique Noravank monastery complex on the top of the mountain, stunning, right? The bas-relief of one of the churches depicts God the Father himself! With His right hand, He blesses the Crucifixion, and with His left He holds Adam's head with a dove hovering over it, symbolizing the Holy Spirit. Panoramic photos taken from a bird's-eye view will remind you of this exciting journey for a long time.

Day 5. (from 10:00 ~ to 18:00)

1st half of the day

Yerevan-Lake Sevan

The pearl of Armenia - Lake Sevan! Coming to Armenia and not visiting Sevan, not admiring its enchanting beauty, not visiting the churches on the top of the Sevan peninsula, not swimming (or, if it's not the season, at least washing with lake water), not tasting Sevan fish cooked over coals and crayfish kebab made from crayfish necks is at least criminal. It is worth noting that this is the largest lake in the Caucasus, as well as one of the largest high-altitude fresh lakes on Earth, second only to Lake Titicaca in terms of freshwater resources.

2nd half of the day | Lunch

Dilijan - Goshavank Monastery - Yerevan

This city is truly legendary. Tens of millions of people who have watched the film "Mimino", beloved by several generations, have heard about it, and of course, everyone is also aware of the water, which, according to the hero of the picture performed by the great Frunzik Mkrtchyan, ranks second in the world. Dilijan has long been a favorite resort, a place of rest, residence and inspiration for artists, musicians and other creators. And this is not surprising – the most picturesque city, surrounded by wooded mountains, is located on the territory of the reserve and has the status of a national park. People go to Dilijan at any time of the year to enjoy the beauty of "local Switzerland", explore the masterpieces of medieval Armenian architecture located nearby and, of course, improve their health with the purest air and healing mineral water. The hundred-kilometer road from Yerevan through Sevan generously rewards travelers with a variety of views, observation of the change of climatic zones, and, of course, the famous Dilijan serpentine. At the end of the XII century, in the gorge of the Aghstev River, surrounded by oak forests, the outstanding thinker, the author of the first law book Mkhitar Gosh founded the monastery of Nor Getik. After the death of Gosha, during the XIII century, the monastery complex was completed and named in his honor – Goshavank. The compact monastery complex, consisting of three churches, chapels, a book depository and the ruined crypt of Mkhitar Gosh, is now very popular and loved by visitors and pilgrims. Separately, it should be noted that there is also a unique khachkar (cross-stone) of the famous master Pavgos – the finest "lace" work (1291), rightfully considered the most beautiful khachkar in Armenia.

Day 6.  (from 10:00 ~ to 16:00)

1st half of the day

Sergei Parajanov Museum Tour

Soviet film director, screenwriter and artist, the winner of many film awards, People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR and the Armenian SSR, Sergei Parajanov became world-famous after shooting the cult films "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" and "The Color of Pomegranate", thanks to which the director is considered one of the founders of the "new Soviet wave" and "poetic cinema".

2nd half of the day | Lunch

Amberd Fortress - Yerevan (from October to May Tsakhkadzor)

On the southern slope of the highest mountain in modern Armenia, Mount Aragats, facing the Ararat Valley, there is a fortress-castle Amberd, which was in the Middle Ages the ancestral possession of the Armenian princes of Pahlavuni. In 1026, at the behest of the famous military commander Vahram Pahlavuni, one of the best churches in its noble elegance was built in the fortress, on a harsh cliff.

Day 7. (from 10:00 ~ to 11:30)

1st half of the day

Yerevan Brandy Factory (the company reserves the right to postpone the tour)

Plunge into the holiest of holies of the Armenian brandy industry, try several types of truly noble drink, be initiated into the craft's secrets, meet with angels in the heart of Yerevan, and learn a lot of interesting things – about the secret connection between Stalin and Churchill, how kosher cognac is made, the rebirth of the Erivan fortress, nominal barrels, toasts, and much more – you will never be able to if you miss an excursion.  Do you enjoy French cuisine with chocolate? In Russian, with a squeeze of lemon? Or, as the Armenians would say, with cold delicious peaches? But keep in mind what Maxim Gorky said: "It's probably a lot simpler to climb Mount Ararat than it is to ascend from the Ararat plant's cellars."

2nd half of the day

We recommend visiting Vernissage and Central Market. (The vernissage is open every day, but only a small part. The main most part works on Saturday-Sunday).

Transfer to the airport.

The price includes

Meeting (With a sign "YEREVAN TRAVEL")
Transfers Airport – Hotel – Airport
Hotel accommodation, if the option is selected
Breakfast, if the hotel is included, lunch
Comfortable transport with a driver
All specified excursions
English-speaking accompanying Guide
Tickets to the specified museums
Tourist map of Armenia
"Armenia Tourism" Magazine
Air Tickets
Medical insurance



> 3 people Toyota Camry
> 7 people Mercedes V Class


Wi-Fi in transport
Bottled water
Tourist support
Refund if canceled


Time is not limited
Individual guide
Individual guide
Stops for photos


Whole year


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Are the tickets included in the price?
Mostly the tours are without air tickets, but we are always ready to help you with the purchase of air tickets or you can buy them by yourself.
Which flight should I buy tickets for?
Buy tickets for any flight, just tell us the arrival time and flight number and we will meet you at the airport.
Do I need a foreign passport?
When visiting Armenia, a foreign passport is not required, but if a child under 14 years old who does not yet have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation is flying with you, then you must have a foreign passport with you.
How to choose a tour?
You can choose any tour you like on our website and arrange it online. And if you didn't find what you were looking for, call or leave a request and we will make a program for you based on your wishes.А если не нашли то что искали, позвоните или оставьте заявку и мы вам составим программу исходя из ваших пожеланий.А если не нашли то что искали, позвоните или оставьте заявку и мы вам составим программу исходя из ваших пожеланий.

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Елена Орлова

Елена Орлова

22/05/2012 22:28

Путешествие пенсионерки: тревел в Ереван

Какое счастье, что есть люди, которые понимают про жизнь какие-то главные вещи. Потому и решают все дела так, как будто с ангелами советуются. Вот таким людям мне хочется сказать слова большой признательности – от себя и от моей мамы. Моя мама Валентина Васильевна, семейная кличка ВалВас. не ведет блогов, не пользуется интернетом. Если надо, за помощью обращается ко мне. Зато моя мама – старушка-путешественница. Я про нее уже писала, о том, какая нее была суровая детская доля, как их гнали через пол страны с мамой сестрой и братом, как она чуть не погибла, пухла с голоду в немецком лагере… Но выжила, выросла, стала моей мамой. Сейчас ей 73 года, она пенсионерка, но продолжает работать – на кафедре Права Университета им. Губкина – и я не знаю более позитивного человека. Любознательная, дружелюбная, веселая, она чрезвычайно легка на подъем и очень любит путешествовать. С некоторых пор, не бывает худа без добра, Германия стала выплачивать таким как она компенсации – поначалу деньгами, потом поездками. Франция, Италия, Израиль, Чехия, Австрия, Скандинавия – везде она побывала, неутомимая моя, не считая России, Украины и ближайших окрестностей. Нынешней весной опять выдался шанс на небольшую поездку – три дня. ВалВас попросила меня помочь, так сказать, по части турконсультации. Выбор наш, после непродолжительного ресёрча, пал на Ереван. Сама я была в Ереване пару лет назад, по приглашению Университета, как гость от телеклуба "Что? Где? Когда?", проводила молодежный турнир. Надо сказать, принимали меня очень душевно, показали много интересного – помню и благодарна до сих пор. Набрала я в поиске «туры в Ереван» и тут же пожалуйста – агентство «ЕРЕВАН ТРЕВЕЛ». Изучаю отзывы – сплошь восторги, даже подозрительно. Но на фейки не похоже: писали разные люди, фотки прикладывали. Как потом оказалось, других отзывов и быть не могло, они действительно ТАК ХОРОШО работают!, Но мне еще предстояло это проверить :) Написала я туда такое письмо: Здравствуйте! Моя мама получила авиабилеты по программе как малолетний узник концлагерей, очень хотела посетить Ереван, о котором слышала много хорошего, в том числе от меня. Я немного волнуюсь за маму, ведь ей 73 года. Она вполне здорова, бодра, самостоятельна, но все-таки одна в другой стране, где никого не знает... ей будет нужна доброжелательная поддержка :) Ну и дальше просьба помочь с организацией тура. Менеджер «ЕРЕВАН ТРЕВЕЛ» Маргарита Азарян ответила мгновенно. Предложила несколько вариантов, например, присоединиться к группе, чтобы не было одиноко, отдельные поездки, гостиницы. Позже выяснилось, что к группе мама не попадает по датам. И тогда я получила письмо, которое растрогало меня до слез. Маргарита писала, что показала мое письмо руководителю компании, и он, узнав о том, какая туристка собралась в Ереван, распорядился предоставить ей индивидуальный тур по минимальной цене – действительно низкой. Когда я приехала в «ЕРЕВАН ТРЕВЕЛ» за ваучером, еще немного сомневалась, неужели можно вот так, просто, понятно, без накладок? Неужели все получится? – Вы не беспокойтесь, сказала Маргарита, – Вашу маму будут возить по индивидуальной программе. Замечательные экскурсии, каждый день. За ней в отель будет приезжать машина с персональным водителем и гидом, чтобы везде ее возить и все рассказывать. Обычно у нас экскурсии начинаются в 10, но вы не волнуйтесь! Ваша мама будет одна, поэтому если ей, допустим, захочется поспать, она может сказать – приезжайте попозже. Может попросить отвезти ее в какое-то особое место, если ей куда-то будет нужно. Ей помогут абсолютно во всем! И вот телефон нашего руководителя в Ереване, если у нее будут вопросы, пусть звонит в любое время. Но мне уже было понятно, что вопросов не будет, только впечатления и удовольствия. Провожая маму в Ереван, я уже не волновалась за нее. В аэропорту ее встретили – одну, довезли до гостиницы, заботливо там устроили. И действительно, каждое утро приезжал шикарный ухоженный мерседес, с водителем и гидом Кариной, и путешествие начиналось.
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